Eveline Ovulation Test has been developed over many year to take Ovulation testing to the next level.

Over 99% accuracy in tests vs. lab based assays. Validated both in Europe and the USA.

Validated highly accurate Urine LH (Leutinizing Hormone) assay, picks up the exact time your brain send the signal to your ovaries to release the egg ready for fertilisation.

No need to use other LH based tests to track or confirm

Can be used in conjunction with Basal Body Temperature measurement if you need a second source of information.

Our proprietary algorithm combined with your smart phone camera will ensure you always know for certain whether you have an ovulation surge or not.


Everything Ovulation is all here in one place, one simple to use App.

  • Your last period, length

  • Basal Body Temperature

  • Mood Changes

  • Updated fertility window

  • LH testing days and results

  • Notes section for any other data

We Won!! Baby Tech Award 2018 at CES

Placing first in Fertility and Pregnancy

Eveline Ovulation Test beat many innovative products at CES 2018 to win the Fertility and Pregnancy category as the best in class fertility tracker, having already obtained FDA approval for sale in the US.

We continue to push to make Fertility testing as easy and accurate as possible and awards like these sponsored by Good Housekeeping show that we are on the right track.

We look forward to bringing many more products to this area of healthcare and wellness.


No more guessing, no more hoping

  • Eveline uses a well validated Urine LH test to capture your sample either mid flow (10 seconds) or dipped in a cup (15 Seconds)

  • 5 Minutes incubation

  • Then slide the clip onto your phone using the prompts on the app to line it up

  • Get an instant answer on your fertility status by clipping your finished test onto the reader

  • 3 results LOW, HIGH and PEAK

  • Test multiple times on high days to get the exact moment you hit PEAK.

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