Welcome to our website, where we can’t wait to tell you all about the Eveline Ovulation Test, which is a fantastic resource aimed at helping those who are trying to conceive. 

The test has been developed over many years and aims to make the process of ovulation testing clearer, simpler and more accurate. 

The Eveline Ovulation Test has been proven to be accurate in 99% of tests and has been validated both in Europe and the USA, making it the go-to choice for those wishing to start – or extend – their family. 

The test works by tracing the presence of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine and picks up on the exact time in your cycle when your brain sends the signal to your ovaries to release an egg ready for fertilisation.  The test is so accurate that there’s no need to use any other LH based tests to track or confirm ovulation - making it as cost effective as it is time efficient. If needed, however, the Eveline Ovulation Test can be used alongside your Basal Body Temperature measurement if you need or want a second source of information.

Our science - combined with your smartphone - will ensure you’ll always know for certain whether you’re having an ovulation surge or not, meaning that you can plan accordingly as you look to conceive a baby.


The Eveline Ovulation Test doesn’t stop at the detection of LH. We even have our own App, where all things ovulation are all right there for you to store, use and interpret on your smartphone.  Information available and used by the app includes:

·       The date of your last period (and its duration)

·       Basal Body Temperature

·       Mood changes

·       Fertility windows

·       LH testing days and results

·       Notes section for any other data

We Won!! Check us out at the Baby Tech Awards 2018 at CES, where we placed first in category of Fertility and Pregnancy.

The Eveline Ovulation Test beat a whole host of innovative products at CES 2018 to win the Fertility and Pregnancy category as the best in class fertility tracker, having already obtained FDA approval for sale across the USA.

Our mission is to continue our push to make fertility testing as clear, simple and accurate as possible for those wishing, hoping and trying to conceive, and so awards like these, sponsored by Good Housekeeping, show that we are certainly on the right track.

We look forward to bringing many more products to this area of healthcare and wellness.


No More Guessing

  • Eveline uses a well-validated LH urine sample test to capture your sample mid-flow (10 seconds) or dipped into a container (15 Seconds)

  • Following this, simply wait 5 minutes whilst the test gets to work

  • When 5 minutes have passed, slide the clip from your pack onto your smartphone using the prompts on the App to get everything in the right place

  • There are three possible results you’ll be shown on your reader, determining the presence of LH to indicate ovulation - LOW, HIGH and PEAK

  • Carry out the test multiple times on HIGH days to get the exact moment you hit PEAK

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